Branco Prata
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Photography: André Teixeira, Brancoprata

{Film photos taken with Contax 645 and scanned at Carmencita Film Lab}

Here’s a peek of Kristal and Dish’s wedding in Scotland last month! We love the city vibe and the look of each image… so different from what we normally do! 

Destination_wedding_by_Brancoprata01 Destination_wedding_by_Brancoprata02 Destination_wedding_by_Brancoprata03 Destination_wedding_by_Brancoprata04 Destination_wedding_by_Brancoprata05 Destination_wedding_by_Brancoprata06

Photography: André Teixeira, Brancoprata

{Film photos taken with Contax 645 and scanned at Carmencita Film Lab}


Last month we traveled to Scotland for Kristal and Dish’s wedding in beautiful Glasgow!! It was our first time there and we had the oportunity to walk around the city and take a few photos! It’s a very unique place, the colors, the weather, even the people!! We love it and we cannot wait to go back and explore a little more!

lifestyle_by_brancoprata01 lifestyle_by_brancoprata02 lifestyle_by_brancoprata03 lifestyle_by_brancoprata04 lifestyle_by_brancoprata05 lifestyle_by_brancoprata06 lifestyle_by_brancoprata07 lifestyle_by_brancoprata08 lifestyle_by_brancoprata09 lifestyle_by_brancoprata10 lifestyle_by_brancoprata11 lifestyle_by_brancoprata12 lifestyle_by_brancoprata13 lifestyle_by_brancoprata14 lifestyle_by_brancoprata15 lifestyle_by_brancoprata16 lifestyle_by_brancoprata17 lifestyle_by_brancoprata18 lifestyle_by_brancoprata19 lifestyle_by_brancoprata20 lifestyle_by_brancoprata21

Photography: André Teixeira, Brancoprata

{{Film photos taken with Contax 645 and scanned at Carmencita Film Lab}

When Bruno told us he wanted to get married in an old antique wine cellar that he help rebuilt, we thought it was probably not the best place in the world because Joana, the bride, wanted an outdoor ceremony with tons of light and open space! She wanted a romantic setting and he wanted an industrial location, so it’s true when they say opposites attract and these two love birds are the living proof! After a while they finally compromised and decided on a romantic meets industrial kind of inspiration and in the end, Bruno got his antique wine cellar ceremony! And it was the right call, because during this Summer wedding it rain a lot the entire afternoon and evening!!

Don’t forget to watch this video by The Amazing Rabbit, of Joana and Bruno’s wedding day.

wedding_by_brancoprata01 wedding_by_brancoprata02 wedding_by_brancoprata03 wedding_by_brancoprata04 wedding_by_brancoprata05 wedding_by_brancoprata06 wedding_by_brancoprata07 wedding_by_brancoprata08 wedding_by_brancoprata09 wedding_by_brancoprata10 wedding_by_brancoprata11 wedding_by_brancoprata12 wedding_by_brancoprata13 wedding_by_brancoprata14 wedding_by_brancoprata15 wedding_by_brancoprata16 wedding_by_brancoprata17 wedding_by_brancoprata18 wedding_by_brancoprata19 wedding_by_brancoprata20 wedding_by_brancoprata21 wedding_by_brancoprata22 wedding_by_brancoprata23 wedding_by_brancoprata24 wedding_by_brancoprata25 wedding_by_brancoprata26 wedding_by_brancoprata27 wedding_by_brancoprata28 wedding_by_brancoprata29 wedding_by_brancoprata30 wedding_by_brancoprata31 wedding_by_brancoprata32 wedding_by_brancoprata33 wedding_by_brancoprata34

Floral design & styling: Sofia Ferreira, Brancoprata

Photography: André Teixeira, Brancoprata

{Film photos taken with Contax 645 and scanned at Carmencita Film Lab}

Videography: The Amazing Rabbit

Make up: Cátia Teixeira Beauty & Make Up

Hair: Alexandre Ribeiro, Diff Hair Designers

Hairpiece: Parfois

Earings: Mother of the Bride

Rings: Machado Joalheiro

Shoes: Luís Onofre

Dress: Rosa Clara


Caterer: Cristina Manso Preto

Food Truck: Comida de Rua

Venue: Real Companhia Velha

We are extremely happy with our latest feature on Style Me Pretty! This ethereal editorial we did back in April is one of our favorite so far!! Check the full feature here!


Photography: André Teixeira, Brancoprata

Creative Direction + Floral Design: Sofia Ferreira, Brancoprata

Make Up:Marlene Vinha, Pretty Exquisite

Cake Design: T Bakes

Convento De SanPayo: Convento De SanPayo

Fashion Styling: Diana Vinha, Pretty Exquisite

Hair Designer: Alexandre Ribeiro, Diff Hair Designers

Model: Catarina Reinnas, Elite Lisbon

Team Manager: Susana Correia, Convento De Sanpayo

Wedding Dress Designer: Rute Moreda, Manuela Noivas

Videography: Fábio Coelho, The Amazing Rabbit