Carmencita Meets in Porto by Brancoprata

October was such an inspiring month, and among other things, we got the chance to welcome 15 photographers from all over Europe for a Carmencita Meets, here in Porto! It was an unbelievable experience, one we will never forget! We will be able to share everything about this gathering in a near future, but for now, just a peek into the inspirational week we all had!... LOVE that last image, it's a true reflection of  the Carmencita Meets!

And of course, this week could NEVER be possible without the incredible people that helped us from day one!!! THANK YOU ALL!

Dresses: Rembo Styling and Coração Alecrim, Make-up artist: Bárbara Brandão, Hairdresser: João Pereira 

Vendors: The Amazing RabbitT Bakes Petiscos e Miminhos Miss Pavlova Coração Alecrim Oficina Café CriativoAlmada 13Muuda Artes Sabores e DesignAria 23Breyner 85Le Taxi Galerias Paris 

Sponsors: Alma Artisans StudioCastelbelFutebol Clube do Porto Beija - FlorT Bakes Sardine Leather Goods

Photography: André Teixeira, Brancoprata

Last photo by Fábio Coelho, The Amazing Rabbit

{Film photos taken with Contax 645 and scanned at Carmencita Film Lab}