Classic and elegant wedding by Brancoprata

It's hard to write about a couple, you never know what to say because, different couples have a different impact in our lives! Vânia and Adriano are a perfect example of just that! They both came into our lives and created a big impact, specially because they are the kindest, nicest couple and it was a true honor to be part of their wedding day.

Real_wedding_by_Brancoprata01 Real_wedding_by_Brancoprata02 Real_wedding_by_Brancoprata03 Real_wedding_by_Brancoprata04 Real_wedding_by_Brancoprata05 Real_wedding_by_Brancoprata06 Real_wedding_by_Brancoprata07 Real_wedding_by_Brancoprata08 Real_wedding_by_Brancoprata09 Real_wedding_by_Brancoprata10 Real_wedding_by_Brancoprata11 Real_wedding_by_Brancoprata12 Real_wedding_by_Brancoprata13 Real_wedding_by_Brancoprata14 Real_wedding_by_Brancoprata15 Real_wedding_by_Brancoprata16 Real_wedding_by_Brancoprata17 Real_wedding_by_Brancoprata18 Real_wedding_by_Brancoprata19 Real_wedding_by_Brancoprata20 Real_wedding_by_Brancoprata21 Real_wedding_by_Brancoprata22 Real_wedding_by_Brancoprata23 Real_wedding_by_Brancoprata24 Real_wedding_by_Brancoprata25 Real_wedding_by_Brancoprata26 Photography: André Teixeira, Brancoprata

{Digital and film photos taken with Contax 645 and Canon EOS1, scanned at Carmencita Film Lab}

Floral design: Parque da Penha

Gown: Elie Saab

Shoes: Charlotte Olympia

Videography: The Amazing Rabbit

Wedding Cake: Francisca Neves CupCake

Catering: S. Gião, Parque da Penha 

Hair: Vasco Freitas

Makeup: Mónica Mota

Jewelry: Machado Joalheiro

Band: Mind the Moment