Wedding in an ancient Monastery, in Portugal by Brancoprata


It's finally September and wedding season is now slowing down! We still have 2 more months before we can say it's officially over but, we cannot wait to show everything we've been doing and everything we are going to do for this next two months! Today is our first post since July, so we are pretty excited about the event we are sharing... non other than Elsa and Rui's wedding (you might remember this feature in one of our favorite blogs and magazines, Magnolia Rouge)! This was a very special event to us, not only because we love how everything turned out but also because we were guests at this wedding and ... well, we partied all night, celebrating this special and unique couple! To Elsa and Rui, we wish all the best and that we may always be witnesses of their love and happiness!

Outdoor_wedding_by_Brancoprata02 Outdoor_wedding_by_Brancoprata03 Outdoor_wedding_by_Brancoprata04 Outdoor_wedding_by_Brancoprata05 Outdoor_wedding_by_Brancoprata06

Outdoor_wedding_by_Brancoprata07 Outdoor_wedding_by_Brancoprata08 Outdoor_wedding_by_Brancoprata09 Outdoor_wedding_by_Brancoprata10 Outdoor_wedding_by_Brancoprata11 Outdoor_wedding_by_Brancoprata12 Outdoor_wedding_by_Brancoprata13 Outdoor_wedding_by_Brancoprata14 Outdoor_wedding_by_Brancoprata15

Outdoor_wedding_by_Brancoprata16 Outdoor_wedding_by_Brancoprata17 Outdoor_wedding_by_Brancoprata18 Outdoor_wedding_by_Brancoprata19 Outdoor_wedding_by_Brancoprata20 Outdoor_wedding_by_Brancoprata21 Outdoor_wedding_by_Brancoprata22 Outdoor_wedding_by_Brancoprata23 Outdoor_wedding_by_Brancoprata24

Outdoor_wedding_by_Brancoprata25 Outdoor_wedding_by_Brancoprata26 Outdoor_wedding_by_Brancoprata27 Outdoor_wedding_by_Brancoprata28 Outdoor_wedding_by_Brancoprata29 Outdoor_wedding_by_Brancoprata30 Outdoor_wedding_by_Brancoprata31 Outdoor_wedding_by_Brancoprata32 Outdoor_wedding_by_Brancoprata33

Outdoor_wedding_by_Brancoprata34 Outdoor_wedding_by_Brancoprata35 Outdoor_wedding_by_Brancoprata36 Outdoor_wedding_by_Brancoprata37 Outdoor_wedding_by_Brancoprata38 Outdoor_wedding_by_Brancoprata39 Outdoor_wedding_by_Brancoprata40 Outdoor_wedding_by_Brancoprata41 Outdoor_wedding_by_Brancoprata42

Outdoor_wedding_by_Brancoprata43 Outdoor_wedding_by_Brancoprata44 Outdoor_wedding_by_Brancoprata45 Outdoor_wedding_by_Brancoprata46 Outdoor_wedding_by_Brancoprata47 Outdoor_wedding_by_Brancoprata48 Outdoor_wedding_by_Brancoprata49 Outdoor_wedding_by_Brancoprata50 Outdoor_wedding_by_Brancoprata51

Photography: André Teixeira, Brancoprata

{Film photos scanned at Carmencita Film Lab}

Planning, styling, florals & stationery: Sofia Ferreira, Brancoprata

Bride’s gown: Pronovias

Bride’s shoes Michael Kors

Make-up Jenny's Make Up Land

Hair Lucinda e Quinita Cabeleireiras

Jewellery Spezia, from Bluebird

Groom’s attire Gio Rodrigues

Groom’s hair Daniel, from José Resende Cebeleireiros e Spa

Cake Bolos por Gosto

Cinematography The Amazing Rabbit 

Ceremony venue Igreja de Riba de Ave

Reception venue Mosteiro de Landim

Caterer Adão Gomes Eventos

Dj Jukebox