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Last December Tânia and Diogo, from T Bakes, invited us to help them style and shoot their 2015 menu! It was so inspirational and we've learn so much about their creative process. It was truly fun to style and shoot the four new flavors... oh and taste them!!!! 


From Tânia

"Each year I take a couple of weeks to construct a new menu for the following seasons. This usually takes place in late October/ November when the hectic schedule of weddings allows for some time off when I devote myself entirely to the kitchen. During this time I play around with flavors, explore new textures and techniques always respecting the ingredient’s origin, both organic and emotional. 

Spring Almond Cake

Raspberry Coulis & Rose Petal Cream 

Summer Lime Chiffon

Lime curd & Coconut Cream with Coconut Slivers

Fall Pear Cake

Peach Preserves & Maple Whisky Buttercream 

Winter Black Forest

Chocolate Cake soaked in Kirsch, Sour Cherries with Madagascar Vanilla Cream & Belgian Dark Chocolate Cream

In today’s day and age it’s almost impossible to create something completely original, there is no cake without a past or a culture ­ and to me the memory is the most important element! Everyone has memories related to taste and smell and that’s my main source of inspiration while baking, because emotions are closely tied to major life events and all it takes is a known flavor to trigger the senses and the memories!"

Menu_TBakes_2015_03 Menu_TBakes_2015_04 Menu_TBakes_2015_05 Menu_TBakes_2015_06 Menu_TBakes_2015_07 Menu_TBakes_2015_08 Menu_TBakes_2015_09 Menu_TBakes_2015_10 Menu_TBakes_2015_11 Menu_TBakes_2015_12 Menu_TBakes_2015_13 Menu_TBakes_2015_14 Menu_TBakes_2015_15

Menu_TBakes_2015_17 Menu_TBakes_2015_18 Menu_TBakes_2015_19 Menu_TBakes_2015_20 Menu_TBakes_2015_21 Menu_TBakes_2015_22 Menu_TBakes_2015_23 Menu_TBakes_2015_24 Menu_TBakes_2015_25 Menu_TBakes_2015_26 Menu_TBakes_2015_27 Menu_TBakes_2015_28 Menu_TBakes_2015_29 Menu_TBakes_2015_30 Menu_TBakes_2015_31 Menu_TBakes_2015_32 Menu_TBakes_2015_33

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{Film photos taken with Contax 645 and Canon EOS1 and scanned at Carmencita Film Lab}
Cakes: T Bakes