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Depois da chuva intensa e vento muito forte, hoje fomos brindados com um dia solarengo aqui no Porto! Aproveitamos por isso, a hora do almoço, para um passeio pela baixa da cidade... garanto-vos que faz maravilhas pela criatividade!! Para hoje e já que falamos em criatividade, tenho para vos apresentar um projecto muito interessante... bolas, um projecto revolucionário... principalmente se forem noivas radicais, à procura de fornecedores diferentes... apresento-vos o Cloud Parade onde é possível passar o dia.... literalmente, nas nuvens! Estivemos à conversa com a Candice, a responsável pelo projecto!

After the heavy rain and strong winds this past weekend, today the sun is shinning and it's beautiful outside... actually, it's such a beautiful day, that  during our lunch time, we went for a stroll and it felt perfect ... I assure you, it does wonders for creativity! Oh and since we are talking about creativity, you must check this out... well i'm sure you already saw this before... unless you are hiding under a rock... or something... today we want to introduce you to a revolutionary online shop and inspiration board for AWESOME brides, today we want to share with you.... Cloud Parade! We talked to Candice, who was kind enough to answer a few of our questions! HIP ladies and gents... meet Cloud Parade.

CloudParade1   - What is Cloud Parade? There are still a few brides out there that are not aware of Cloud Parade and its beauty! Cloud Parade is the first online marketplace where a HIP wedding couple can shop and design their wedding all in one spot. It's also super fun and addicting! 

- How did you come up with this idea? This idea was born when I had to painfully watch my sister shop for her wedding 2 years ago. It was soooo difficult to sort thought all the different wedding shops and items just to find that one awesome cake stand (for example).    CloudParade2   - It's the start of a new year, what are Cloud Parade goals for 2013? Wow this is a big question… Cloud Parade has sooooo many goals I wouldn't know where to start! I guess the one big goal that drives all our other goals is to be the best online marketplace where a bride can shop and design for her big day. I think if we nail that, we will also accomplish all the other smaller goals we have. We are not looking to be just another marketplace... we are looking to be the best  :)

- What do you think it's going to be a big trend this year, regarding weddings? Color! I think people are finally coming out of their shell and feeling empowered to plan and design a wedding that is meaningful to them. So many times wedding couples just go through the motions when planning a wedding. But with Cloud Parade a couple can have that unique cake topper that represents them and their love for one another.   CloudParade3   - What's the most important thing for a couple (besides the obvious... love) to start planning, organizing their wedding? Wow, another great question. I am no Dr Phil, but I think its making decisions together in the planning process. It should be fun and a joint effort.

- Where do you see Cloud Parade in 5 years? I  see it as a common wedding term. For example: Q: where did you get that awesome wedding dress? A: Cloud Parade. Q: where should I find the perfect wedding cake, venue, photographer, invitations, for my client? A: Cloud Parade We love your blog so much and we feel honored to have been interviewed by you! Thank you for your time!

Thank you Candice!!! We l.o.v.e. to have you on our blog!

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