Engagement session in Azores by Brancoprata

It's been a while since we went to the Azores for this engagement shoot! Azores is probably one of the most beautiful places on Earth.... and so green... everything is so green there, it reminds me a little bit about New Zealand! People are very welcoming and the weather is a bit crazy and you can have Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter in the same day!! The landscape is always dreamy and we cannot wait to go there next September!! Have a wonderful weekend guys! We are leaving to Scotland early in the morning, for a wedding on Monday, so please make sure to follow our adventures on Instagram!! 

engagement_session_in_Azores_by_Brancoprata01 engagement_session_in_Azores_by_Brancoprata02 engagement_session_in_Azores_by_Brancoprata03 engagement_session_in_Azores_by_Brancoprata04 engagement_session_in_Azores_by_Brancoprata05 engagement_session_in_Azores_by_Brancoprata06 engagement_session_in_Azores_by_Brancoprata07 engagement_session_in_Azores_by_Brancoprata08 engagement_session_in_Azores_by_Brancoprata09 engagement_session_in_Azores_by_Brancoprata10 engagement_session_in_Azores_by_Brancoprata11 engagement_session_in_Azores_by_Brancoprata12 engagement_session_in_Azores_by_Brancoprata13Photography: André Teixeira, Brancoprata

{Film photos taken with Contax 645, and self scanned}