Film Camp 3


The owner of the house where the first FilmCamp was held, recently died... He was the grand father of Steph Killip from Bubblerock and we all had the honor to spend time in his house, surrounded by his memories! Knowing that he died made the Filmcamp experience even more special and unique! 

O dono da casa onde o FIlmCamp aconteceu, faleceu recentemente... Esta casa pertencia ao avó da Steph Killip da Bubblerock e todos nós tivemos a sorte de passar alguns dias neste espaço incrível, rodeados das memórias deste homem tão especial e único!

FilmCamp_02 FilmCamp_03 FilmCamp_04 FilmCamp_05 FilmCamp_06 FilmCamp_07 FilmCamp_08 FilmCamp_09 FilmCamp_10 FilmCamp_11 FilmCamp_12 FilmCamp_13 Filmcamp by BubblerockLa Mariée Aux Pieds NusVovies , Blanccoco, Jean Laurent Gaudy, Capyture, Les Cocottes, Benjamin Barlatier, Quelquechose de BleuMarion HeurteboustLifestories Wedding and Branco Prata.

Photography: André Teixeira, Branco Prata

{Film photo taken with Contax 645 and scanned at Carmencita Film Lab}