Lifestyle: Auckland by Brancoprata

Auckland is the biggest and most diverse city in New Zealand. Everyone lives within half an hour of hiking trails, sunny beaches and some beautiful holiday islands but at the same time you can find amazing food, great wine and a lot of cool places to visit and shop, it's a true city life experience!! Auckland is so much more that a city, is a way of living and enjoying the best things that life has to offer! This next set of images hopefully will show you a new side of Auckland, a artsy, modern, cultural place that we all should visit at least once in a lifetime! 

{We have so much more to share from our trip to New Zealand in the beginning of the year, so stay tuned!}

Auckland_Lifestyle01 Auckland_Lifestyle02 Auckland_Lifestyle03 Auckland_Lifestyle04 Auckland_Lifestyle05 Auckland_Lifestyle06 Auckland_Lifestyle07 Auckland_Lifestyle08 Auckland_Lifestyle09 Auckland_Lifestyle10 Auckland_Lifestyle11 Auckland_Lifestyle12 Auckland_Lifestyle13 Auckland_Lifestyle14 Auckland_Lifestyle15 Auckland_Lifestyle16 Auckland_Lifestyle17 Auckland_Lifestyle18 Auckland_Lifestyle19 Auckland_Lifestyle20 Auckland_Lifestyle21 Auckland_Lifestyle22 Auckland_Lifestyle23 Auckland_Lifestyle24 Auckland_Lifestyle25 Auckland_Lifestyle26 Auckland_Lifestyle27 Auckland_Lifestyle28 Auckland_Lifestyle29 Auckland_Lifestyle30 Auckland_Lifestyle31

Photography: André Teixeira, Brancoprata

{Film photos taken with Contax 645 and Canon EOS1 and scanned at Carmencita Film Lab}