One to one by Brancoprata

Back in February we did a flowers & styling One to One with Patricia from The Love Forest and Yolanda from Best Day Ever! They came to Porto with Javier Abad from F2 Studio and Marcos Sánches (two very talented photographers from Spain) so while me and the girls had fun in our studio, the guys visit the city and played with their cameras!

We had an amazing time learning, sharing and just playing with flowers and styling details! Patricia and Yolanda stayed for 3 whole days, so we had time to talk about the creative process, business and of course flowers and styling!  On the third day we went out and the girls worked with a model and style an editorial! One of our favorite things about One to One sessions, is the opportunity we have to meet so many incredible people, with a natural talent and above all, so very kind! It was the first time I met Patricia, and Yolanda, but somehow i felt i knew these girls for a long, long time!!

Thank you PatriciaYolanda, Javier and Marcos for your visit and we really hope to see you soon!!

One_to_one_by_Brancoprata1 One_to_one_by_Brancoprata2 One_to_one_by_Brancoprata3 One_to_one_by_Brancoprata4 One_to_one_by_Brancoprata5 One_to_one_by_Brancoprata6 One_to_one_by_Brancoprata7 One_to_one_by_Brancoprata8 One_to_one_by_Brancoprata9 One_to_one_by_Brancoprata10 One_to_one_by_Brancoprata11 One_to_one_by_Brancoprata12 One_to_one_by_Brancoprata13 One_to_one_by_Brancoprata14 One_to_one_by_Brancoprata15 One_to_one_by_Brancoprata16

One_to_one_by_Brancoprata18 One_to_one_by_Brancoprata19 One_to_one_by_Brancoprata20

One_to_one_by_Brancoprata21 One_to_one_by_Brancoprata22 One_to_one_by_Brancoprata23 One_to_one_by_Brancoprata24 Flowers and styling by The Love Forest and Best Day Ever!

Photography by André Teixeira, Brancoprata

{Film photo taken with Contax and scanned at  Carmencita Film Lab}

Model: Sandra Marcos

Make up: Marlene Vinha, Pretty Exquisite