Summertime fun in the sun, Queenstown

Queenstown is a beautiful city in South Island, New Zealand! During the Summer, this idilic place is brimming with life and everywhere you look you see happy and smiling people! Kids run free and they actually play with no electric gadgets, no phones, tablets or tv! People take advantage of sunny days and go to the shore of Lake Wakatipu where they can find really cool beaches, that are very popular for swimming!


queenstown_by_Brancoprata19 queenstown_by_Brancoprata20 queenstown_by_Brancoprata21 queenstown_by_Brancoprata22 queenstown_by_Brancoprata23 queenstown_by_Brancoprata24 queenstown_by_Brancoprata25 queenstown_by_Brancoprata26 queenstown_by_Brancoprata27 queenstown_by_Brancoprata28 queenstown_by_Brancoprata29 queenstown_by_Brancoprata30 queenstown_by_Brancoprata31 queenstown_by_Brancoprata32 queenstown_by_Brancoprata33 queenstown_by_Brancoprata34 queenstown_by_Brancoprata35 queenstown_by_Brancoprata36 queenstown_by_Brancoprata37 queenstown_by_Brancoprata38 queenstown_by_Brancoprata39 queenstown_by_Brancoprata40A queenstown_by_Brancoprata41 queenstown_by_Brancoprata42 Photography: André Teixeira, Brancoprata

{Film photos taken with Contax 645 and Canon EOS1N and scanned at Carmencita Film Lab}