Thursday Purse Day

Tenho amigas giras... e para além de ter amigas giras, são também cheias de estilo!! Claro que era mais do que evidente que um dia destes iria publicar um acessório dessas minhas amigas giras... e cheias de estilo! A carteira de hoje é da minha querida Isabel, comprada na semana passada numa das barraquinhas do Optimus Alive!!!!

I have the best friends in the world... there, I've said it... and they happen to be very fashionable!! It only seems natural that i share the cute things they own, here on our blog, right?!! This week's thursday purse day is from one of my favorite people in the entire world, Isabel!! She bought it last week during a Summer musical festival, Optimus Alive... and yes, i was with her!!!

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