Tuesday Shoe Day

Bem fresquinhos, directamente de Florença, da Via de' Tornabuoni, conhecida por ter muitas lojas de marcas famosas e um restaurante maravilhoso que aconselhamos vivamente: Obikà ... quanto aos "sapatinhos", estes são da da Celine!!This week's pick comes all the way from Florence, from the most fashionable street there, Via de' Tornabuoni, there you can also find the coolest restaurant Obikà, that we absolutely love!!... these darling shoes are from Celine!!

BP12   Aspecto geral da montra..... suspiro..... And this is the front store looked.... sigh....   BP12a   Credits: André Teixeira, Brancoprata   E para quem está curioso... a Toscana é absolutamente MA-RA-VI-LHO-SA!! "Haja cartão!", "né" André? And if you are wondering about our trip... well let me just say that Tuscany is absolutely PER-FECT!! "All we need is memory card!, right André?

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