Visiting Hobbiton, New Zealand

Four years ago when we first went to New Zealand we visit Hobbiton, at that time, Peter Jackson was filming "The Hobbit" so we had to sign a release form that bottom line, didn't allowed us to show the images! Actually we ended up not signing the document (which was pretty funny since everybody else signed except André, the actual professional photographer) but we knew we couldn't show the images so, we never thought about it again! However this January, we went back to New Zealand and André went to visit Hobbiton again! This time he manage to take tons of film photos! If you are a real Lord of the Rings fan (same as we are) today you are going for a real treat!! We love the attention to detail that can easily be find everywhere in Hobbiton! You can almost expect to see a hobbit just passing by and saying hi!!

Hobbiton_by_Brancoprata01 Hobbiton_by_Brancoprata02 Hobbiton_by_Brancoprata03 Hobbiton_by_Brancoprata04 Hobbiton_by_Brancoprata05 Hobbiton_by_Brancoprata06 Hobbiton_by_Brancoprata07 Hobbiton_by_Brancoprata08 Hobbiton_by_Brancoprata09 Hobbiton_by_Brancoprata10 Hobbiton_by_Brancoprata11 Hobbiton_by_Brancoprata12 Hobbiton_by_Brancoprata13 Hobbiton_by_Brancoprata14 Hobbiton_by_Brancoprata15 Hobbiton_by_Brancoprata16 Hobbiton_by_Brancoprata17 Hobbiton_by_Brancoprata18 Hobbiton_by_Brancoprata19 Hobbiton_by_Brancoprata20 Hobbiton_by_Brancoprata21 Hobbiton_by_Brancoprata22 Hobbiton_by_Brancoprata23 Hobbiton_by_Brancoprata24 Hobbiton_by_Brancoprata25 Hobbiton_by_Brancoprata26 Hobbiton_by_Brancoprata27

Photography: André Teixeira, Brancoprata

{Film photos taken with Contax 645 and Canon EOS1 and scanned at Carmencita Film Lab}