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Engagement Session: 7 tips and details for planning


Just like the wedding day, the engagement session requires careful planning and dedication to ensure the outcome mirrors the couple’s vision. At BrancoPrata, we understand the significance of this moment, so we want to offer some tips and insights, from a photography perspective, to help plan this event.

One of the first things we do is ask the couple where and how they envision their engagement session. We start with a few questions: Indoors or outdoors? City vibe or country setting? Relaxed session or something more “fashion forward”? Is there a clear idea of what they are going to wear? How many looks are they thinking? Will they hire a fashion stylist to help with the looks?

Additionally, one of our favourite questions to ask is: How do they envision their engagement photos when they look back at them in 50 years’ time? This question makes the couple think about the emotional side of the session and the importance of it in the future, as it should above all reflect who they are right now, not only as a couple but also as people.

They should allow their personalities and shared experiences to guide their choices. For example, the chosen location should authentically reflect their unique history and connection. They shouldn’t feel obliged to choose a cliché spot just because it’s popular on social media. Their special place could be anywhere, from an exclusive hidden gem to a historic city centre, as long as it has meaning to them.

Here are some factors to consider when planning an engagement session:

  1. Defining the Creative Direction: Having a clear vision in mind is essential. This will guide the location, time of year, and overall aesthetic.
  2. Considering a Fashion Stylist: Engaging a fashion stylist to curate the looks for the session might be lifesaving, especially with an indecisive couple. They can help align the session’s time with the number of changes and ensure the highest number of outfit changes possible (if the couple so wishes) without overdoing it.
  3. Professional Hair and Makeup: Opting for professionals to enhance the bride and groom’s natural beauty ensures a polished and confident appearance for both of them.
  4. Planning in Advance: Coordinating with the team well in advance allows everyone to prepare meticulously for the shoot day.
  5. Seasonal Considerations: The time of year matters and must be considered. For example, for a sunset shoot on the beach, crowded summer beaches might not deliver the intimate atmosphere they seek.
  6. Minimizing Travel Distances: Avoiding excessive travel between locations is the best way to optimize everyone’s time and energy.
  7. Authorization and Timings: If a location requires special permission or has specific operating hours, that must be planned accordingly.

These are just a few examples, but there are always small details to take into account, so taking their time and preparing for the session is always the best tip we can give to our couples.

Every detail, from location to outfit changes, contributes to this visual tale. At BrancoPrata, we’re dedicated to making every engagement session a reflection of the couple’s unique journey, creating images that stand as timeless reminders of their bond.

Photography by BrancoPrata

Engagement Session

Engagement Session

Engagement Session

Engagement Session



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