BrancoPrata, is a multi-disciplinary creative studio founded in 2003, that brings film photography, and visceral, statement floral design & creative direction to forward-thinking couples and clients, aiming to thoughtfully distill elegance into fresh, sincere and compelling images, events and editorials woven into the visual language of movement and emotions.

Traditional Japanese clothing distinguishes Japan from all other countries in the world. The Japanese word “kimono” means “something that one dresses” and are considered the traditional clothing of Japan. Originally, the word kimono was used for all types of clothing, but it eventually referred specifically to full body clothing also known as naga-gi, which means long-wear, and it’s still worn today on special occasions by women, men and children. Our friends at L’Arca in Barcelona, send us three incredible vintage kimonos for us to shoot and this is the end result.

Credits : Photographer : Brancoprata | Creative director & styling : Brancoprata | Make Up : Pretty Exquisite  | Hair : Diff Hairdesigners  | Fashion Styling : Pretty Exquisite Image Consulting  | Dresses : L’Arca  | Videography The Amazing Rabbit  | Architecture : PF Architecture Studio | Interior Design : Rute Moreda | Cookies : T Bakes  | Details : Mercado Loft Store | Model : Clara R – We Are Models | Lab : Carmencita Film Lab