BrancoPrata, is a multi-disciplinary creative studio founded in 2003, that brings film photography, and visceral, statement floral design & creative direction to forward-thinking couples and clients, aiming to thoughtfully distill elegance into fresh, sincere and compelling images, events and editorials woven into the visual language of movement and emotions.



Today’s post is dedicated to those who, like us, work on this glorious thing called wedding industry! For the last couple of years we all been seeing numerous workshops, conferences, webinars, etc… tools that can help us evolve and improve our crafts. Either you’re a photographer, a stylist, a floral designer, etc… these days there’s so much information and great opportunities to learn, share your ideas and grow!

Traveling Light will be perfect for you! 10 conferences with film photographers and also various Workshops, including our very own workshop (a first for us, actually!!) where we will be talking about 3 main subjects, that have a tremendous importance in our personal lives:

Understanding the importance of unveiling your own brand’s DNA.

To help you get out of your comfort zone, and get inspired by everything that surrounds you.

To ensure a high level of personal satisfaction and professional fulfillment over the years.

For a long time we struggled with balance between personal life and a professional career and we then discover that when we acknowledge and learn to balance these 3 things, we found happiness and fulfilment! So we hope to see you there in November when we will be able to talk a lot more about this and also, style and shoot during Traveling Light! Don’t forget to check their website today and learn more about this wonderful opportunity to meet like minded people, and those who can inspire you and help you move forward!

Photographer André Teixeira from BRANCOPRATA | Creative direction & styling Sofia Ferreira from BRANCOPRATA | Lab Carmencita Film Lab | Videographer THE AMAZING RABBIT | Film lab CARMENCITA FILM LAB  | Fashion styling Diana Vinha,Make-up Marlene Vinha, PRETTY EXQUISITE | Make-up Marlene Vinha, PRETTY EXQUISITE | Cake designer & production manager T BAKES | Wedding dresses Rute MoredaOtaduy and Gio Rodrigues | Hair Alexandre Ribeiro, DIFF HAIR DESIGNERS | Jewels Monseo



From what lasts a tenth of a second to what stays forever, above the ordinary to the extraordinary.