BrancoPrata, is a multi-disciplinary creative studio founded in 2003, that brings film photography, and visceral, statement floral design & creative direction to forward-thinking couples and clients, aiming to thoughtfully distill elegance into fresh, sincere and compelling images, events and editorials woven into the visual language of movement and emotions.

Last November we went to Torroella di Montgrí, near Barcelona, to speak and do a workshop during Traveling Light, where more than 80 photographers from all over the world came to meet, share and learn from each other while disconnecting from the day a day life, and you can see more of this experience here.

For us, it was the perfect ending for and incredible year filled with many new challenges, outstanding moments and unforgetable memories. Traveling Light was a magical moment for all who attended, you could see the excitement in the air and we will never forget this week at Cinema Montgrí, where Albert Roig and his team where able to create an one of a time event!

During one of the days, we held a workshop, where we had the chance to speak and sshare our creative process when we design and shoot editorial work. For this workshop we prepared a story that we are sharing today. Each image portrays a significant moment in our plot. Our storyline is about a woman searching for her freedom, after feeling trapped into a routine.

We can’t thank enough our incredible team, who made this possible under crazy conditions: Diva Borrelli Make Up Artist (a true angel walking the Earth), Canigueral Mesas con EsenciaOtaduy and Natalia.

Film Photography: André Teixeira, Branco Prata | Creative direction & styling: Sofia Ferreira, Branco Prata | Make up & Hair: Diva Borrelli Make Up Artist | Dress: Otaduy | Table tops: Canigueral Mesas con Esencia | Model: Natalia| Film Lab: Carmencita Film Lab



From what lasts a tenth of a second to what stays forever, above the ordinary to the extraordinary.