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Let’s talk about how you can make this, the most productive time of your life.

Today’s post is about our own take of how to make sure your time at home is productive and positive.


We’ve been self-quarantined for three weeks now, or to be more accurate, since March 14th.

During this time I left our house zero times, and André went out just for grocery shopping.

Because of this virus, our “normal” life has changed overnight. On March 14th, we came home leaving almost everything, work related, at our studio.

And we realized this was not just “staying at home for a few days”. The situation, as we all now know, was far worse than that.


We immediately decided we needed a plan to stay productive during this time at home.


productive time at home


Since our studio is a 4 minute walk from our house, we normally keep things separated and we don’t have a home office. But being highly organized as I am, I immediately set up a work space in our living room.

Next, I started a document and named it “Strategic plan for our Quarantine”. I wrote down what was important to us and things we could do on a weekly basis, to help us keep our focus.

When I was done writing I had 11 pages with a long list of things to do: from business plan reviews, to daily work shores, to future projects, etc.

And because it is a plan, I normally review it at least 3 times a week. That way we make ourselves accountable and crush our goals for this quarantine.

And so far it’s working like a charm!



So, what are we actually doing during this self-quarantine, and how we will feel productive during our time at home?


1. Stick to a daily routine

We have a routine and we stick to it every single day, no exceptions. I get up at the same hour everyday, I stretch, I now meditate, have breakfast and at 7:00am, I turn on my computer and start to work. We take a break during lunch time and we finish work around 5:30PM, 6:00PM at the latest.

We then workout for an hour, have dinner and do whatever we want for the rest of the evening. (Big shout out to Hunters, we are LOVING it)

We do this from Monday to Friday, and on weekends we dismantle our home office and don’t work at all.

This way, we both feel organized, productive, and with a sense of normality, that keep us inspired every day.

Would you like to know more about our daily routine? Let us know on the comments below.



2. Learn something new

One of the things we started to do is scheduling time on our daily calendar to learn something new. We’ve been reading a lot about SEO (God saves us all!!), marketing (there’s no God that can saves us here!!), business plan, Pinterest, etc. We are also doing some on-line courses that we bought a long time ago (another shout out, this time to Domestika). And basically it just feels, we don’t have enough time, because there are so many things we can learn everyday.



3. Work on future projects and goals

We have a long list of future projects and goals, not just for Brancoprata but also for us as individuals. Whatever these might be, as crazy it may seem, start working on those projects, start planning them. Make this extra time you have, as productive as you possibly can.

Don’t be afraid. Don’t be shy. You know what they say:


"If your dreams don't scare you, they aren't big enough"

4. Plan ahead

We’ve been planning like crazy around here. This is going to be a difficult year for everyone, so let’s not sugarcoat it. It doesn’t matter if you have a steady job on a major company, or if you work alone, the rest of 2020 is going to be challenging. So what better time to plan the future, than now? Think about all the possibilities, face every scenario and just deal with it. Try to find a way to make the most of the economic crisis that we will all be facing in the near future. Again, deal with it, the best you can.



5. Get creative

If you are anything like us, everyday you need to create something. So lately we’ve been doing a few things, that we normally share on our Instagram Stories, things like shooting a portrait a day, or a flat-lay-day every Monday with bits and pieces we have around our house. Also, to experiment my styling skills, we’ve been styling and shooting some of our food. It’s just for fun, but it feels so good. There’s so much you can do, so make sure you rediscover your creative side.



6. Be positive

Both me and André are positive and optimistic people, so we always choose not to focus on the negative things. This quarantine is no exception! For instance, we watch the news but only during certain hours of the day and for a limited time. That way we know we keep updated but we aren’t constantly bombarded by negativity. But remember it’s ok to have moments where you feel uninspired and even scared.



7. “Me” time, “us” time

Me and André have been working together for almost 17 years, and we’ve been a couple for almost 10 years now, which means we are together almost 24 hours a day. So basically, we are used to being together and we don’t get on each other nerves. However, it’s important that even now, we have “me time”, and of course, time as a couple. Since I wake up at 5h30AM, the first few hours of the day are my “me time” and I do whatever I want, before André wakes up (around 8:00). And although we have a lot in common (similar taste in music, food, TV shows, movies, etc), we allow ourselves to have time for things that just one of us likes. Respect is the key word here, don’t you agree?



8. Talk to friends and family

A must for us, every single day. Not during work hours, but during our lunch break or after dinner, there is always time to Facetime, Skype or Zoom with your family and friends. The other day we even had a concert with our very talented brothers-in-law and in April we have 4 birthday online parties scheduled!

P.S: Yes, every time we sing Happy Birthday we wash our hands of course!!



9. Take care of yourself

I’ve been trying meditation for the first time in my life and I’ve been loving it. I do need to get better at it, but I’m sure that with time, I will get there! Also, every day I do my make-up, hair and I always dress for work, and accessorize my outfit of course. On weekends I always dress casual and I don’t have any make-up on. In the beginning of our quarantine, I didn’t do this for a few days. And it felt so strange. Believe it or not, I had a hard time seating in front of the computer and work! Now, it’s like my brain understands that this all means it’s “business as usual”. And it feels great. Of course, I’m taking care of my skin and doing all the skin rituals that I now, have time for.



10. Do whatever you want

That is the best thing we can share!! None of the things above are a “must do”, to us. We choose to do them because we want to. So make sure you listen to yourself and know what you need and want right now. And stay focused on that.



That’s it! 10 things we are doing to keep our time at home as productive and inspiring as possible, during these uncertain times. One thing we know, this won’t disappear overnight, this will take time. And because of that we all need to do our part. Staying at home is the only thing we can do. But what we choose to do with the time we have in our hands, that is totally up to us.


Finally a big shout out

to all the amazing people who are working non-stop to make sure we, the ones who are quarantined, have everything we need. From health care to groceries, from deliveries to picking up our (recycled) trash, from making our streets safe, to taking care of those who are in need of shelter and food,

you are brave, you are kind, you are saving the world.

Thank you.



Styling: Sofia Ferreira, Brancoprata | Photography: André Teixeira, Brancoprata



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