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Flat Lay wedding inspiration, every Monday on IG stories


Monday is flat lay wedding inspiration  on our Instagram stories.

Each Monday we create a wedding inspiration Flat Lay, using images from our Pinterest page. After we style and shoot the composition, we immediately share it on our Instagram stories.

We normally do this in our studio, where we have all of our styling elements and backdrops, where we can source and print the images we are going to use, etc.

But these past 7 weeks have been quite challenging, since we are working from home and we have limited resources to style our flat lays. Of course, we see the beauty in that and embrace the challenge.


So, how do we style our creative compositions?

1. Come up with an initial story for your flat lay wedding inspiration

There’s always a story we want to share on every composition we design. We constantly thing about coherence when we choose the images. Not only do they make sense as a whole but also as individual images. And together they tell a tale.

2. Choose the colors wisely

This is probably the most obvious of all the topics. But, I’m going to point it out anyway. For us, a flat lay needs to translate a color study. Sometimes it’s inspired by one of the images we are using, other times is just something we want to test out or showcase to a client. Elements that surround us, specially in Nature, can also be a powerful way of color inspiration and above all, exploration.

3. Select the perfect props to style your flat lay wedding inspiration

Not every element makes sense to use in a particular flat lay. They all need to co-exist and make sense in the world we are creating. If they don’t have a place in our story, we won’t use it.

A good exercise is to challenge yourself to come up with an explanation about why each element was used on a particular layout.

4. Don’t over style it

If you aren’t sure about using a certain element, don’t use it. I’m sure you’ve read this over and over again… but less is more. You don’t have to use everything on the same composition.

It’s best to keep it more minimalist and then add details as your story starts to unfold. Or if, for instance, you are just doing a flat lay to shoot a wedding detail, each element you add, takes the attention out of the focal point, and of course you don’t want that, so you need to be careful every time you add a new piece.

5. Add some natural texture to your flat lay wedding inspiration

I would say this is our signature style. Adding texture (that makes sense to the story, of course!) gives visual interest to the layout you’re creating. And most of the times, you can use it on your advantage, because it can easily become a path to the viewer. So basically you are telling them where to look and when.

6. Display images and props in a way that is captivating and eye catching

We always look at the lines of on composition, they need to be parallel or perpendicular and they obviously need to be perfect! If you look to all the flat lays we have ever done, you will always find movement, that is the way we transport the viewer throughout the composition, our styling leads the way to the eye.


In conclusion, we always aim to showcase how different textures, patterns, colors and elements work together and can create a starting point, a momentum that can inspire you to design a whole event or a brand campaign for a client.

If you want to now more about our styling techniques, make sure you contact us so you can be part of our next styling creative class.

And don’t forget to check out our editorial work, for more flat lay inspiration.

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Credits of the printed images used on each flat lay can be found on our Pinterest page.



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